Learn About the Neutrinos Platform


This is the architectural diagram of Neutrinos Platform. It consists of many components which help you in rapidly developing your app.

Neutrinos Studio:

You build your app in the Neutrinos Studio. The studio provides you with a WISIWIG editor to drag and drop components and design your page.

Using Neutrinos Studio, you can create projects, data structures, pages, etc. and then wire them into congruent applications. You can also wire services to connect your application to back-end systems and with other Cloud services. Neutrinos Studio is a complete Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment, requiring minimal development efforts. It is available as a web application which can be accessed from a browser, or as a standalone application on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Neutrinos Studio is seamlessly connected to Neutrinos Store for you to pull widgets and plug-ins from Neutrinos Store and easily manage dependencies.

Neutrinos Modeler:

Neutrinos Modelr allows you to visually model your application services to link to a variety of backend systems, Cloud Services, and databases. It provides you with 600+ widgets to external systems such as Salesforce, IBM Watson, BPM Engines, etc., as well as connectivity to Internet of Things(IoT) devices.

Neutrinos Store:

You can leverage all pre-built digital assets from the Neutrinos Store. This is the marketplace of Neutrinos which empowers you with reusable and standardized assets, including widgets, micro-services, SmartApp templates and, pre-defined data models , and allows you to integrate them with your applications.

Note that you can also contribute assets to the marketplace.

Neutrinos Console:

Console is your first point of entry to working with the Neutrinos Platform as you download the Studio from here. This is where you manage builds for the apps that you have deployed from Neutrinos Studio and manage organization users and their access control.

Neutrinos IDS:

Neutrinos uses OAuth 2.0 protocol. This protocol provides API security via scoped access tokens. Neutrinos IDS provides user authentication and single sign-on (SSO) functionality by maintaining all user’s information. It also grants user tokens to control authorization and authentication, giving you centralized control. It is LDAP compliant and is able to integrate to any active directory of the customer. When you are ready to deploy your app, neutrinos provide you cloud agnostic deployment if you are deploying your app on Cloud. You can click the 1 click deploy option to deploy your app.

If you are deploying your application on-premise, Neutrinos provides you with version agnostic platform run to deploy your app.

Neutrinos ART:

The API run time engine of Neutrinos contains all the REST Services, Rendition Engine for all UI, Smart Libraries, and a set of APIs to support deployment of your app on multi-platform of operating systems including Mac, Linux, and Windows.